What is the circumstance?

I’m working on the exercise in the workbook for Week 2 Day 3 – Thoughts about my life and What do I think about my day to day. When I do these exercises, I free write for a couple of pages to get everything out. Like doing Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages. What came out of those pages today was the thought, “My life should be different.” I’m resisting the day to day of my life because I think it should be different. I envision a different day to day than what I have. So I tried to put all of this in a model. But for some reason, I’m having trouble figuring out what the circumstance is. I don’t know why this part seems so hard right now. Maybe I’m resisting the circumstance. Haha! Here’s what I have:
T: My daily life should be different.
F: anxiety
A: avoid doing things (housework, cooking, writing, spending time with my daughter)
R: nothing gets done and I’m unhappy with my life

Is the circumstance really just as simple and neutral as, “I have a life”? That seems like a gross oversimplification to me and doesn’t really seem to capture the actual circumstance. What could I be missing? And why is it bothering me so much? Lol!