What is the difference between resistance and wanting something you then deny yourself?

I listened to the last live coaching call with Brooke, and she says “you have to be willing to want the food and not eat it”, (=GOOD)
“If you are in diet mentality and is resisting your food, or, controlling yourself, it will work, but is not sustainable” (=BAD)
“If you do it (the work) through resistance it just ends up being a cycle of resistance – indulgance -resistance -indulgance…” (=BAD)
“If you can let yourself want something and not indulge in it; itś like the biggest superpower”(=GOOD)

I am struggling to understand the difference . She says she can be around a lot of food, wanting it but be ok with wanting it and not eating it. Is that not exactly the same as resisting ? So thankful if you can clear this tangle in my head up !

I am longing for the day I can “not want” the food that doesen´t serve me, but this sounds out of grasp, or like two different ways to describe resistance. I do understand the difference between allowing an urge, and resisting the urge, but this is about allowing the urge and resisting the food. Could you please explain this or link to somewhere it is explained ?