What is the difference between Super Thinking and Thought Downloads?

I’ve been doing a bit of both (super thinking and thought downloads), so I want to make sure I understand the difference and the best use of each. For example, I’ve been doing thought downloads in the evening as part of my daily practice. One I did the other day was about selling my home. My wife and I have considered selling our home to purchase a new one closer to the city. I wrote down all my thoughts about that. (positive and negative). Then I did models to work on one of the negative thoughts I uncovered. A week ago, I did super thinking on another topic – my business, I asked the question (What additional services can I add to my business to bring in more income?). I came up with a list of possibilities similar to brainstorming in my mind.

Am I on the right track? Help me to understand the best use of each and how I can best apply them to my life. Thank you!!