What is wrong with me?

Started scholars in September for weight loss. Listened to your OE workshop. Decided to do no sugar/flour for this month. Tried overeaters annonymous 30 years ago. Abstinece was considered as writing down your food a day before and srucking to it down to how many kettuce leaves to put in a salad. I had to weigh and measure everything. I remember being at a restuarant picking out lobster fron my plate and weighing it.(yes, I brought my scale) I was so embarrassed but was determined to be free. Hearing you say to write down your food a day in advance knocked me into orbit. The excitement I had for starting scholars and being free, immediately turned to discouragement and fear. I haven’t done one thought download or one model because I feel like I don’t know where to start or how. I havent done the workbook eiither because I felt it didn’t apply until I had a protocol. I did not lose any weight this week and binged last night. Please help. I have been weighing daily and most days not eating breakfast.