Brooke, i just wanted to say how extremely thankful i am to have found you and the crew of badass women you’re mentoring in this world. I just listened to your podcast about What it takes to make a million dollars, and while my business is very much in its infancy, that podcast got me fired up. I just believe us women are strong and capable and full of unlimited potential, im so excited to be on this journey. One million isnt my goal (yet) but i love having it as an idea for my future self. Anyways, i will probably listen to that podcast a bunch more times this year, but i wanted to say thank you… from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a leader who is showing us how to REALLY create the lives of our dreams, business sucess, abundancy in time, money, and so much room to dream and keep growing. Im tired of apologizing for my ambition, im tired of putting ceilings on my goals to make others feel more comfortable. Ive got big plans. 🙂