What my OH said

Not a question but just to share what my OH said last night that made me smile.

Tucked up in bed with my OH, I was catching up on the latest Model Q&A video with my Ipad and headphones while he was watching something on his laptop. When he finished watching his series he glanced over at my screen and then asked “WTF – why on earth are you learning about Sex Trafficking??” I pulled out the headphones so he could listen in and the next question happened to be about a boyfriend being quiet. He teasingly asked me whether I had written about him and he carried on watching, curious to hear your response. As you were answering this question, his comments were;

“listen to this lady – she makes a lot of sense”

“She’s right, you have to love me as I am”

“do you want me to pay for the subscription? You need to carry on doing this”

So it looks like you have a fan and I will be staying with Scholars for the foreseeable future! Also from the amount of mind blowing changes I am going through I will definitely be one of the ones NOT requesting a refund at the end of the year!!

Again thank you so much for the work you do, it is truly amazing!