What now?

Hi Brooke,
I’ve learned a lot about managing my mind but as a physician assistant I’ve always struggled. I find myself unable to handle the stress of listening and trying to help my patients without taking on stress that has manifested as pain in my body and health issues. I’ve tried many different clinics changing jobs as often as twice a year. I last about 6 mo. Then start having stress related illnesses and dreading going into work because it seems no matter how I prepare for the onslaught or manage my mind to not take on responsibility for their problems I’m exhausted and in physical pain at the end of one day. You talk about epic fails, well this feels like one. I’ve done this for 12 years and I’m done. I need an exit strategy, retire, work temp. positions? I can’t afford to just stop working. I want to do something I love that doesn’t involve listening to people’s problems. The hard part is making enough to pay the bills. Any advice is appreciated.