What other indicators are there that this is "working"?

IN my last post about the scale not changing even though I’m sticking to protocol, the coach asked:

“Notice how much power your brain is giving to this number. But I’m curious what else is true? What other indicators can you find that things are working? Maybe it’s the way your clothes are fitting or the level of energy you have now compared to a month ago. When we pay attention to these other measures we can recognize what’s working.”

Here’s the thing – I don’t CARE about those other indicators. I want the scale to go down. I liken this to growing my business. I don’t care if I FEEL good abut creating content and making offers. I care about how much money is in my bank account.

Am I supposed to just be complacent and satisfied with where I’m at? This isn’t why I’m doing this. I want the result I want, not “more energy”.

Can someone please help explain? I feel like I’m lying to myself by saying “this is working” when the numbers don’t appear to show that it is working.