What should I do with my one precious life

I keep having the thought “I should have gone into medicine.” And while I still could, technically, because I’m a human living on earth, I’m far too old to start over. Yes, that’s a thought. How do you all recommend going about how to decide on big and small goals when I have so many interests from medicine to writing to parenting to podcasting to journalism to editing to photographing to mentoring students to nursing and on and on. Constrain seems like the name of the game so we don’t wallow in confusion or spread ourselves too thin. The days and years keep ticking by, and I keep thinking I’m wasting time, I’m not getting good at one thing because I have too many interests. And I’m too old to start a new career. Thanks to you all, I realize these are all just thoughts. And yet, here I am thinking them. And taking action by being an editor and mentor, and writing about maternal health as a journalist, but wondering why I never became an OB-GYN so I could *really* help women.