What should I do with unfinished projects?

I’m doing the October work and have realized I have lots of “I’ll get to this” kinds of things in my mind and house. Examples: a stack of magazines with recipes that I want to keep, fabric that I plan to sew, even plants that need to be repotted and items that need to be repaired. Mind examples are: the bits and pieces of SCS assignments that I haven’t done (yet), the brainstorming questions/session that I haven’t quite gotten to yet. What do I do with these things? How do I keep only the most important “to do” items and how do I determine what they are? Even as I write this, I’m looking at a plant that is wilting and needs to be repotted. Do I want it? Yes. Does it serve me? No. Is it current? No. I think I may have just answered my own question – lol – get rid of the plant. I can get a new one when I’m ready.

The work you offer us really is mind blowing!!