What should my circumstance be?

I am new to creating models and have just started trying to write them. I did a thought download about how I feel about my body and weight. Here is what I came up with:
C- I order a size extra large online shopping
T- I can not order a bigger size than this!
F- Shame, worry, fear of getting bigger
A- Critique my body, Inaction of changing the way I eat, go for a walk or practice yoga, look at old pictures wondering what happened, being mean to myself, eat food, drink wine, seek attention from my husband, avoiding
R- my body doesn’t change, I feel like shit, I rely on my husband for security

Then I reversed created a model to get a result I do want in my life but I’m not sure what the circumstance should be?
R: I feel good in my body, confident and lean
A- love my body, move my body for joy, lose weight through eating healthy food
F- confidence, sexy, at home in my body
T- I feel so good in my body
C- ? (maybe ordering a size extra Large again? But my truth is a don’t want to have to do this.)

Thank you for your help!