What should or shouldn’t happen

Hi there,

I am enjoying another month in Scholars! I know that not everyone believes in the Law of Attraction or takes seriously Abraham or any other LOA teachers, but I just want to offer that I find more peace in thinking, like Abraham would say, “No, that (event/circumstance) SHOULDN’T have happened. I’m not happy that it happened. I didn’t deserve to have that happen to me. But I AM happy that I survived and am choosing to recognize the incredible insights, creativity, strength, clarity, and inspiration that have been born out of that. I choose not to wallow in it, but to recognize it happened, allow the uncomfortable feelings that accompany that to pass through, and move on to better feeling thoughts and experiences.”

I really do not like the idea, “How do we know that situation should have happened? Because it did.” It seems very judgmental to me and much more like a thought, not a circumstance. Any shoulds and shouldn’ts in sentences are really thoughts and opinions – not circumstances.

To me it’s WAY more empowering to recognize that we don’t deserve to be treated badly and to take our power back – not to lay victim to an old circumstance that no longer needs to MEAN anything other than it happened – that’s it. I don’t like digging into the “should-ness” of things because it gets all balled up in judgment in my opinion. I recognize that other people look at that differently. That’s why in anything I approach, I recognize that we all learn differently, so I utilize what works for me and leave the rest.

Thoughts on that?

Thanks so much!