What the heck just happened?

I should have known better. I have been listening to you for 2 years now. You are my bff for sure. We have had many sleepless nights and vaca’s while I binge listened to your podcasts. Girl, you have even been to the WDAA Word Show.

I should have never doubted that joining SCS would make such an impact on me.

At the beginning of the month I had a hard time landing on a belief that I wanted to change. It took me several days actually. One day at work I felt myself shrink from an email that hit my inbox as I thought, ” I sure hope I understand this email.” BAM!!! I have had the thought all of my life that I cannot read and comprehend. I remember sitting at the kitchen table as a second grader and through tears I was trying to remember the story that I just read. After a while, my mom just gave up. I was never a confident reader, who likes to do what they don’t do well! Even though I had tons of evidence that I read and comprehend just fine, (I have two insurance license and a Real Estate License and I am CRCM certified) I held that belief as if it were true. It showed up in ways that caused me to shrink back in meetings, to show up small at times, and it made me feel illiterate. That was the belief that I wanted to change and I knew right off the bat that it would not be possible. It was too old and too strong. I thought, this time, Brooke is wrong, this belief is too strong.

Well, 4 days in and bam! It didn’t even take a month. By day 4 my old belief was a lie and my new belief was real. I do read and comprehend better than most and I know how to apply what I read. I am so much more engaged in meetings and I don’t shrink from complicated issues. I don’t feel like a fraud or imposter any longer.

This is only my second month and I joined to get started on my second career, goals coaching.

Brooke, thank you so much for all that you do and for being so generous with your knowledge and your behind the scenes.

Much Love!