What thought should I think to help me stop spiraling into negativity?

I’ve found recently when I’m rushing and things start going wrong I start spiraling into negativity. I start thinking thoughts like “Everything is going wrong” and I get insanely frustrated. Here’s my model:

C: I have 10 minutes to get my 5 year old son out to the bus stop.
T: Everything is going wrong and I can’t get it all done.
F: Frustrated
A: I yell at my son. My brain gets foggy. I yell at the dogs. I yell at myself. I get clumsy. I lose things.
R: We barely make it out the door on time and all of my actions just slowed me down.

The problem is, when I’m running late like that I don’t have time to do the model and I struggle to come up with a new believable thought to help get me out of that spiral toward negativity.

Any ideas of a thought that I could think that could help me until I have time to sit down and do a model?