What to charge?

I live in CT. I’ve been professionally organizing for about 2 years . I started charging at an average rate of $55 /hr and a fee for shopping of $25/hr.
I ended up doing the shopping for free however because I found that most clients didn’t want to pay for shopping to save money but they would never follow through on purchasing the recommended products, which in turn would really hurt the final result that I would leave for them. This was important to me because I wanted to leave them with a transformation that left them feeling amazing about their new space. So what I ended up doing was buying inventory and just being prepared for those who didn’t follow through.
So when I stopped working last march due to Covid, I decided I should work on rebranding. I started working on a new website with a web designer I bartered with last March and have yet to complete it !!! To say I had some struggles with my brain was an understatement. I also took on homeschooling. IF it wasn’t for the life coach school I think I would have given up already. But I want to succeed. I really do.
Anyway, with the rebrand my thought was to raise my rates so that I could include the shopping fee in the rate. Because I found its better that I do the shopping myself for all my clients. So I am really struggling what to charge because if I go higher than what I’m charging I will need to market and find those luxury clients that would be more than happy to pay for it, and I would lose the word of mouth around town that has been making me business.

I am extremely tech challenged and have limiting beliefs around being able to figure out and sustain all of the things with marketing online etc. And as I have no income presently I can’t afford to hire help. I hate being on camera so you tube is out, etc. So I feel like with my limitations it’s going to be nearly impossible to find those luxury clients that I need.

Also the more research I do about other organizers in the area, the more my brain panics and goes to feeling not good enough and definitely not smart enough to run this business if marketed to people of another bracket. When I started my business, it was to pay for preschool. I had no starting capital so I found clients by talking to people the old fashioned way, and with Facebook. I achieved that goal, paying for preschool almost to the penny. Despite a lot of negative comments from my dad who didn’t think I could do it and said I was robbing people. I was so proud of myself though. I had no clue how I would do it but I knew I had too. Now that I am rebranding and have the new goal of marketing to people who would not struggle to pay for the service and double my clientele as part of my impossible goal, I am struggling because I can’t decide on how I should charge which will determine how I will have to run things from there.

Sorry this wasn’t well written, there is a lot to this so it was difficult to make concise and make sense.
Any advice so appreciated. Thank you.