What to do when you constantly think about food.

So one of my big reasons for wanting to lose weight was I wanted to get to my natural weight so that the weight loss project would be over, and I could direct my brain to doing other things. I still have ten pounds to lose, but at this point I would just be happy to not be constantly thinking about what I’m going to eat, whether I have the right protocol, or just generally thinking about when I’m going to eat next and what it’s going to be.

I’ve started fasting two days a week just because on those days there is no thinking about food because no food is involved.

What do you do when you aren’t trying to change a thought, but you are trying to stop obsessing about something.

And yes, I’ve spent many months allowing urges. I can allow an urge, and I can allow actual hunger. But the amount of my powerful brain energy that is spent on food is what I would like to change. I have a business to grow and I’d rather be spending my mental energy there.