What to do when you have 2 thoughts in your thought download generating very different feelings and actions?

Hi there,
My question pertains to what to do when you have 2 thoughts within your thought download that are generating very different feelings actions and results?

The two thoughts I have in mine are concerning time I’m taking off of work. They are :
1. I’m worried I will not use this time wisely
2. I’m so grateful I have this time

The 2 models are
Model 1:
C – time x 2 weeks
T – I’m worried I will not use this time wisely
F – worried
A – ruminate. procrastinate. judge myself and others. lose sleep. avoid
R – don’t fully enjoy or utilize the time that I do have. Spend a lot of time in a negative mindset

Model 2:
C – time x 2 weeks
T – I feel so grateful to have this time
F – appreciative
A – relax. Make plans, follow plans, enjoy myself, I show up for myself
R – enjoyment of time off, accomplish things I have been wanting to accomplish

I feel like I am holding both thoughts at the same time as opposed to one being an unintentional model and one being an intentional model. Obviously, I would like to focus more on the second model as I feel it is more positive but I guess I’m not sure what to do about model 1? Do I just ignore it? Both thoughts feel valid for me right now.

Thanks for answering!