What to do with thoughts uncovered about what I’m making my impossible goal mean

I recently got coached on my thoughts around my impossible financial goal. The coach asked me what I would make it mean if I hit the goal, and what I would make it mean if I didn’t hit the goal. She sensed an underlying heaviness or attachment to the actual dollar amount of my impossible goal.

After thinking about it, I realized if I achieved the goal I was making it mean I was no longer the person who spent so much of her life fighting just to survive depression and feeling like she was “failing at life.” I was actually a go-getter, a fighter, a champion, a survivor, a badass.

It was very interesting to uncover these thoughts.

I’d love a little bit of direction on where to go from here. Some initial thoughts:

— I could have so much love and compassion for the inner me who lived through the past and cheer her on as she does the work to achieve her impossible goal.

— I could practice embodying all the qualities I believe I will be when I reach my impossible financial goal — now.

— I could help my brain retell the story of my past from the perspective of the hero’s journey.

— I could practice having so much gratitude for the person who got me to this point and point to all the ways I’ve already been a go-getter, a fighter, a champion, a survivor, and a badass — that this is who I’ve become.

— I could run some models but here is where I get stuck. I’m not certain what I should put in the R line — the impossible financial goal figure, or maybe “I show up as the go-getter, fighter, champion, survivor, and badass I am until I achieve my impossible goal.

Thanks so much.