What to do with unwanted TD thoughts???

Wow some of the thoughts that came up in my TD, was you’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now, why aren’t you better at it. Why aren’t you able to do it perfectly. How will I ever be able to be a life coach if I can’t coach myself and get through all my baggage.

My Question: Do we have to do UM’s on all of these if we know these are not thoughts we want to consider? I know the feelings and end result of all of them, exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years. (T)Say it’s not working, (F)self loathe, (A)give up, same result as always, (R)stay exactly the same…

Therefore do we just disprove those thoughts by giving my brain new thoughts?
This is a process, you are doing it, if you stop you will be in the same situation. Quitting sure doesn’t get you to your goal. You didn’t get here over night, you can’t fix it over night. You are doing incredible things, facing so many of your “thoughts” from the past. Learning how to feel emotions, rather than eat your way out of them.
Honestly I’ve done great to anyone’s standard, (other than mine) it’s just easier to say it’s not working and give up. I am not willing to do that. I know I can do this I am a very capable, strong, successful woman, even with all my emotional baggage, so If I can self coach through this I will be unstoppable. So after reading this again, sounds as if I am just scared, and that’s OK, I will come out on the other side! 🙂