What to focus on

I’m in the middle of a litigated divorce, I’m also trying to start a business, care for myself and my children, work a regular job, date, have a life, write, etc.

I’m not sure sometimes how to spend my time, energy, money. I could take a settlement in the divorce that would not be that great but would save my funds, time, and energy. But then I would lose the potential of not taking the settlement, and I already agreed to a number of settlements.

I could focus on the future and not the money, but then I feel afraid I won’t have enough money and I feel as if I am letting my husband be mean to us in private while pretending to be a decent person. He gets to hide all he’s doing and I am just accepting it/sucking it up… feels bad.

However, it’s exhausting fighting him while trying to build my new life. At the same time, he seems to be creating ongoing difficulty outside of the legal system too, so stopping the legal battle doesn’t seem likely to stop what he is doing. He will just get to do it more in private.

I’m torn about what to do. Continue the legal battle that makes it clear what he is doing (takes time, money, energy) or stop the legal battle (which will never really end because he will not keep his word unless things are in court documents – including seeing my daughter on her birthday) that may allow me more time or may not.

Thank you.