What to think if I don’t know what result I want yet?

I recently started dating someone I was really excited about. He’s not ready for a new relationship, so about a month in he texted to ask for space. I am varying between believing it is just a matter of time before he reaches out and we start dating again, and wanting that, and believing he has no intent of reaching out again and I should let go of my feelings for him and my hopes to date him, and think of reasons why that is perfect. In short, I don’t know what thoughts to think! My best guess at the R I want is that I am open to dating him again in the future but am not holding on to hopes that it will happen, or continuing to have feelings for me that make me think about him all the time. However, my best strategy for the second part of that R, not holding on to feelings about him, is to think about why it is perfect we are not dating now, which kinda make me feel closed off to dating him again in the future. I want my feelings to be dependent on my Ts and As, not his As! Help!