What would be an impossible goal for a new coach?

I am registered to start coach training in March. I’m guessing that means that I will be able to start my business 6 months later even though I am planning on taking the extra 6 month course when I’m done. I want my impossible goal for 2020 to be about how many paying clients I get between Sept. and Dec. but I have no reference point to help me decide what is impossible. How many clients do people usually get once they are certified? Is it possible to get any paying clients at all in the first few months or is it all free mini sessions and podcasts? 5 clients in 4 months seems like an easy goal, but if it usually takes new coaches a year to get that many it would actually be an impossible goal. Also, do you help us set up our website? If so, when? I guess I’m wondering if I can set up a site and start podcasting and marketing before I even complete the course so I get clients right out of the gate. Are these things going to be covered in the first 6 months or the second 6 months?