What Would Compete Against Overeating

I am new here. Hey!
I watched the Stop Overeating Workshop and am trying to find reasons to convince my lower brain on what will I add instead of the activity of overeating that stands to compete with pleasurable foods.
So after, of course my brain answered ‘Nothing will be better than a pastry’ (my go-to food), I insisted that it will find a possibility other than flour and sugar based foods.
So it answered me, ‘Well, if you were athletic and moved with ease, I suppose you could enjoy running or doing yoga more than eating a pastry. But let me remind you, you are not to exercise until you finish losing all your weight AND even if you did exercise, don’t sell me that it will be fun. I know it will be hard and exhausting.’
So, yes, a long response, but I wrote all that without even thinking, on my thought download.
So it is a hard sell, to try to find something better to do instead of eating, and exercise seems too strenuous, not an option for me until I lose weight and will definitely not be fun at first.
I wonder if you an suggest how to get out of this dead-end with my brain, because I know if I won’t have it on board, nothing is going to happen 🙂