What would the person in the aligned model do?

I’m a new-ish real estate agent. I’ve been having (for me) huge results in business endeavors (YAY!). I had planned on building on momentum by adding cold-call prospecting to my business. I paid for a cold-calling prospecting service called “mojo dialer.” One of the problems I encountered is that my cell phone service constantly drops when I am working from home (where I have a child out of school.) I was thinking about getting a fiber-optic landline installed, but the contract is for a year and I am moving in 5 months. I was also thinking about hiring an assistant for my special needs daughter and renting an office downtown.

In the course of two weeks I have not made a decision and meanwhile (contradicting results), enjoyed more success and referrals (NOT cold-calls: much more enjoyable…)

Today, my daughter is napping, I was doing models about decisions, perfectionism, and procrastination, and just decided I wanted to make the calls from my cell, which may or may not work (due to service) and not be such a perfectionist about it, and suddenly my broker and the firm’s co-owner called me. They’re really pleased with me and want to start giving me leads.

Specifically, they are going to start giving me listing appointments THEY cold-call to obtain. They are also giving me a list of 10,000 numbers in my area, some of whom they have already contacted and left notes about, and have told me to take over calling the “expireds list” in the area, that they won’t compete with me, and they trust me to close the deals.

I’m freaking out.

It is kind of because I have been (I thought) cognizant that I was putting off making a decision, thinking the options I could find were not the best, and now I don’t know what I’m thinking. That it is okay sometimes to wait?

In this instance, the circumstance changed but not because of massive action on my part… or was it? Now I’m thinking, “Great! I almost had to cold call (I still will have to cold call.) I’m thinking, “I’m so tired. Now I can just rest and wait to get that list of numbers to call (another day).” But, I had gotten myself so worked up about doing this “now.” Further, I still have not solved the fundamental “problem” of calls being low-quality signal. What do I need to think to keep a move-on my goals??? I know this is a mess of models. Looking forward to your read on it.