What’s a good enough reason to leave?

First of all, the 20 minute coaching sessions have been AMAZING. It’s forcing me to do some real work and I’m better for it.

This question was sparked by something from another Scholar (I think in November Ask A Coach…I can’t exactly remember) and my 20 minute coaching session today that challenged my thought that divorce is a “big decision.”

The example was something to the effect of someone gets a new piece of furniture. It’s not necessarily the preferred piece of furniture based on style preference, size, material, etc. but the person is able to feel good, happy, and have that furniture in their life without issue. However, that person can decide to change the furniture simply because she wants to. She prefers another piece of furniture, one that is larger, a different material, a different style and so on. It’s okay to make this change in furniture because she is fine with the old one. She’s not looking for the new piece to give her something the old one didn’t give her. She’s okay with either but prefers a different piece.

Does something this simple apply to a marriage? So long as you are happy in your marriage, love your partner, aren’t thinking that life would be better with another partner, aren’t looking to get out of a marriage to feel a different way, etc. is it as simple as deciding, “I would prefer something different” or “I no longer want to continue with this husband, I’d like a change.” I don’t mean this as in getting a divorce to get another man right away, just the decision to leave someone that you love and care for simply because you decide you want something different. If you are happy with your husband and there are no real issues, does someone choose to leave simply because they want to with really no other needed justification? I know we need to know our reasons and like our reasons. Is wanting something different a good enough reason?

Am I on the right track? I appreciate all the effort and time you all put into this section.