What’s an urge list?

I’m doing the book work for September, and page 17 references “keeping an urge list.” What does this mean? Does this mean that every time I have an urge I would write it down on a list like: Cereal, Nap, Busywork, Cupcake, Chips, Social Media, Banana Bread… etc? Or would it be more like tally marks for categories like Food, distracting busywork tasks, alcohol, etc.? Also regardless if an urge list is even something that Brooke teaches, wouldn’t it still be better to just allow urges and write down or think about what the physical discomfort feels like for the feelings coming up? And to utilize the urge jar and get a bead every time we allow an urge rather than resisting it, giving in to it, or reacting to it? In summary because this has been wordy, what is an “urge list” and what are the benefits to keeping one as opposed to the practice of using the urge jar?