What’s bad about deprivation?

In the advanced weight loss course, Brooke at some point asks that we ask ourselves what is so bad about the feeling we are feeling. I am focusing on deprivation, so today I just had more or less 2/3 of the food I had in the protocol for this meal. I chose to take a break to watch my brain and body to understand deprivation.
C: 1/3 food on protocol left
T: I am owed the rest of the food
F: deprived (in a hurry to go back to finish it). It is a intense tightness in my mouth with urge to salivate

What is so bad about this feeling?
– It is just uncomfortable, and there is something external that can quickly fix it. There is no reason to learn being deprived because there is no reason to stay deprived
– This discomfort is continuously poking at me: it continuously asks for my attention. I cannot avoid giving it my attention, it is like someone touching me all of the time. And when I give it my attention I got distracted from the task I am in, either working, reading, talking to someone. Thus, I lose presence and performance, I am less functional for what I want to do
– often it comes unexpectedly
– Even if I concentrate to allow it, it lasts for 1/2 hour minimum. 1/2 h of being dysfunctional is costly
– I have the automatic tendency to use willpower and resist. As soon as I do this, it comes back as a wave

Maybe there is more to add, but this is what is coming up now. Could you please offer me your point of view on it and suggest how to move on from here? Thanks