What’s best for others?

Hi Brooke

My question is about dealing with relationships. My sister has been unhappy in hers for some time and confided that she wanted to leave. She stayed and I now want her to leave for her own happiness- there’s lots of detail around this, but perhaps that’s irrelevant in terms of doing my own work? I keep thinking about it and really want what’s best for her. I have had issues with her partner in the past and don’t really like him either.

Here’s one of the models
C my sister
T she needs to make a decision/move. She is paralysed by indecision
F frustrated
A push her ( energetically)but try not to say too muchm
R she doesn’t do anything. Perhaps she feels pressured by me. Disconnect in our relationship.

C my sister
T she’s exactly where she’s meant to be
F compassionate, understanding
A support her whatever her choices
R our relationship stronger

In this second model, could you suggest a different thought- this one sits ok with me, but it’s like I need more logical reasoning around it, to help me believe it. I worked it around how I want to feel understanding and supportive about the C.

Thanks for any thoughts