What’s going on?

I was doing the podcast workbook for October and question 7 was asking to think about a problem I currently have. Then you need to answer the can I tell it is just a thought and what is the solution. I had a hard time answering this question because I do not believe I have any problems. I have been listening to your podcast since the first of this year, I have bought your book Self Coaching 101 and then joined SCS. So I have done a lot of self coaching. So when I say I do not any problems it doesn’t mean my life is perfect but that I see the situations in my life as just that situations that have solutions to each one. I don’t think negatively about them. So after having this moment, I now think I am creating a problem. Am I using all this self coaching as a buffer? Am I living in denial? Would a model work on this because if I am living in denial I don’t think a model would work. Any insight on this would be great.