What’s my reason?

In looking at the success or lack of success in my goals over the years, I’m realizing I didn’t know my reason for wanting those things.

If a stranger stopped me on the street and asked me why I wanted to lose weight, I could say a number of things- I want to be healthy; live longer; be able to go and see and do for a long time;feel more confident, etc. And all of those things are true, but they aren’t my reason. I had to sit with it a while to get to: I think if I lose weight, then I’ll be worthy of love.

Is that true? Nope. I’m already loved! My kids, friends, they already love me, and have loved me regardless of my weight. But *I* don’t think I’m worthy. That’s a problem. I don’t have a reason if I take away the worthy piece. What I’m left with is: I want to love me. Love my body.

I can look at a lot of scenarios in my life with the same driving force: I want to be loved. I don’t like that reason!

How do we figure out our reason?