What’s my story about the past?

Hi there! I’ve been losing and gaining back weight for 28 years. I’ve been working on a novel for 24 years. I discovered Brooke’s podcast in October and joined SCS in February. Since October, I lost 50 pounds. I’m going to lose another 30, and my food/diet addiction is over. I’m also finishing and publishing my novel.
Q. What’s my story about the past? I toiled for decades and then found a magic podcast that fixed my shitty thinking skills? Seems simplistic, right? Maybe I don’t need a story; I can discard the past and face the future, and I have been, but I also want a nice way to explain what happened to potential clients when I become a life coach.

C Lost 50 lbs, publishing a novel
T The podcast/SCS did this
F Dependent on a podcast
A Over-listen to the podcast
R Learned helplessness, not taking credit for achievements

C Lost 50 lbs, publishing a novel
T I learned how to get my thoughts out of my own way and achieve what is possible for me
F Empowered, awesome
A Continue learning with SCS while growing in success, but not in a weird way where I’m like, the podcast did this…take credit where it’s due
R Lose 80 lbs, get writing career going