What’s next?

Dear Brooke and team,
In thinking about my purpose today (to unlock my truest potential), I had a thought – and now what? And, then immediately after that thought, I thought, I should get another job, one that pays me much more than I’m making right now or maybe I should sign up for the online coach training because that’s something I really want to do. Of course these are all just thoughts that I have 🙂

The thing is, I love my current job. I love the people, I find the work meaningful. I feel so supported there. I have a great work life balance. But, I want to challenge myself to make more money than I ever thought possible just because. I’ve noticed I have limiting beliefs about money and just want to see what is possible. I also find myself really loving the idea of being a coach, starting my own business, but had also told myself that I needed time to go through a year of scholars before focusing on becoming a coach myself. I’m here in SCS because I want to be a thought management mastermind and I know I still have many more months to go before fulfilling my commitment to myself.

And of course, as I’m writing, I’m answering my own question. So, no to coach training right now (but it will always be there later) and yes to looking for a new job, that pays a sh*t ton more than what I am earning right now. Because, why not?