What’s your opinion of Facebook?

Can I have your true opinion on Facebook how people use it to showcase their lives? Not in a business aspect, but I’m talking the personal use of it. I’ve heard you say a make a few comments about how it’s a negative brain energy sucking ordeal, but can displaying your life all over social media be a positive thing?

And if there are positives to it, what are they?

The reason I ask is because I’m trying to reason with how I feel about it. I’ve been off of Facebook since June 2017. Overall I have DEFINITELY been happier ever since, but I also admit that I’ve had a small tinge of anxiety about it because I feel like I’m missing out. My friends family and coworkers think I’m crazy for not being on there and that all the more makes me feel justified into thinking it’s a bad thing. Your opinion would help me greatly.

Thanks so much!!