What’s the point? Feedback on Model

I am excited to be working on overdrinking, but as I printed worksheets and organized myself for day one I caught a sabotaging thought. I’d love feedback on the models and help with a more compelling thought on the intentional model.

C: Printing worksheets
T: I’ve done this before; it’s not going to be any different this time
F: discouraged
A: Skip going AF for 30 days and just start with what I’d ideally like to drink moderately
R: Stay the same weight, up and down, disappointed with self and still stuck with overdrinking

Intentional Model
C: printing materials
T: I will reach my goal of 128 because I never give up on learning ( need help here, with a thought similar to Edison finding 1000 ways not to invent a lightbulb).
F: Empowered
A: Write and submit models to address discouragement
R: I will acheive my weight goal of 128.