What’s the point

What is the point? So if I’m supposed to not be so attached to outcomes, what is the point of doing anything? Isn’t the reason we do anything because we think we will feel better if we do it? Or if we achieve some results?

Take weight loss. If I want to lose ten pounds, it’s because I think I’ll be happier ten pounds lighter. I think my clothes will fit better, I’ll be happier with how I look in pictures, I’ll feel more confident in a swimsuit.

If my thoughts create those feelings, then I don’t need to lose the ten pounds. First of all, I don’t know how to feel more confident in a swimsuit at my current weight. I want the ten pounds gone to create that.

But aside from that.

If I am able to feel exactly how I think I’ll feel when I lose ten pounds, why bother losing the weight? Then why bother doing anything? Why create a 1m business? Who cares? Why do anything?

I’m genuinely confused.