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I had some negative thoughts concerning my boyfriend. I told myself things like: i dont love him enough, he isnt the right one. I imagined how we would break up and i would be sad but not devastated, because he was not the one. And i know these thoughts came from a time where he was shy, not coming out of his comfortzone etc. But he grew and we have an amazing time. The doubting thought are still here and three times i already believed them and noticed that they arent true. Because i was heartbroken when i thought he didnt love me anymore. Like really really heartbroken. So with this knowledge everytime the thoughts came up and felt real (because i practiced ythem so much in the past) i just didnt believe them because i knew i would be devasteted if he would not love me anymore. I could recall the real truth and just let the negative doubtung thoughts pass by. So that was a few months ago and the thoughts came up this week again and i’m entertaining them and believing them and imagine again how i would be this person who doesnt love him enough and break up etc. So i guess my question is how do i not believe these thoughts when they seem to suck me in because i know them so well. It seems like it is a script for a part i know to well. Everytime i look at him i see and feel these thoughts and i technachly know they arent true but its like i’m faiding and just following these thoughts and continuing to live by them(entertain them, wich makes them stronger). Would love your advice on how not to fall for these thoughts.