When A Belief Sets You Up For A Crash (la)

I’m in month 8. Here’s a resistance I just noticed –

Belief: I’ll never have to worry about money. But here’s what my thoughts are saying. “That’s simply not necessarily true. Nobody can guarantee that’s the case. People lose everything all the time. Sometimes they can get it back and sometimes they can’t. The people who firmly believe they’ll never have to worry about money crash, because one of their truths has been ripped away. Life rips truths away sometimes. The only truth is that nothing is permanent, things change. And something about the internal power of love.”

I think about this in terms of what I teach my daughter also – I want her to believe she’ll always be taken care of, that she can make that happen – and I know plenty of people who, despite this belief, fell into some horrendous circumstances in which things were very much not ok. So I tell her that we’re incredibly lucky, that we have so very much, that if we should ever be in a position to need help we hope others will notice and help us as we daily put intention into noticing and helping people in our community. Truth is, I’m aware how two sides are true – we’ve got so much and are so lucky, and it would not take much for us to lose it and be in a completely different position.