When A Friend Tries To Belittle My Pain

I have a new circumstance: my 5-years long boyfriend ended our relationship. And I am grieving for the loss of someone I still love very much.

A well-intended friend tried to ‘get me out of it’ by offering her shoulder, going out and try to have fun, and when all her attempts failed, she said:
‘You should really get out of it! I mean, children are starving in Africa and look what you are upset about!’

And for some reason, it did not cause me to feel any different. And then I thought to myself, what kind of a selfish person doesn’t care about children in Africa and only cares about her own loss? And my friend said too, that if this didn’t pull me out of my grief, she gives up and that I should call her when I am ready.

Should her sentence pull me had I been a more compassionate person?