When Brooke says ‘do a model daily…’

When Brooke says, “do a model daily,” does that mean to always do 2 models – an unintentional and an intentional model? And is the thought always the most important way to start? It’s my first week of Scholars and I was just wondering what the recommendation ‘do a model’ means to get the best results.
Does ‘doing a model’ always mean – do an unintentional model to make you aware about the current situation and then always do an intentional model to improve?
Also, as we should focus every month on one topic (I think most of us have a lot of things that are going on and I would start to be all over the place) – should the download also be focusing about that specific topic?
Does it make sense to intentionally not always start with thinking – maybe with an result – or is thinking the most important aspect?
I’m just asking as I have now a few days with quite similar models and was wondering what the best option is to get results.