When Brooke stands up…….

things get far more intense!!! Watching you deliver your (masterpiece!) August teaching on ‘Purpose’ opened me up and I felt my heart ache while salty tears slipped down my cheeks. Doing a deep dive into my brain was very eye-opening. I discovered that I have an underlying emotion of sadness and wishing that I had no idea existed. I learned thru models that my pain is three-fold; missing my Mom who is in heaven, accepting the fact my adult son doesn’t have a need to connect/share to the extent I would like, and wondering how I can connect/create/contribute now that my kids are raised. I have been sitting with these feelings and exploring them as opposed to filing them away, brushing them off or excavating for new thoughts that would make me feel better. It actually feels kind of good to learn who I am at my core, without the roles, mask and busyness of living life. I am wondering if it is my Ego that is fighting reality or my Essence just being human? Thoughts?