When changing your thought leads to changing your circumstance?

Hello SCS team,

This morning I woke up to a messy/cluttered apartment as I often do (I’ve just moved in with my partner and he does the “come home and drop everything” method). I’ve spent the last week working through the feelings of negativity, frustration, and annoyance while I spend the first hour of my morning picking up and cleaning to create space to do the work. And usually it works—I always end up with a clean space in the end, and I do my work, albeit later than I was hoping to. This morning I was feeling all my feelings, while cleaning, and had a breakthrough that I could clean out our guest bedroom and create an office for me to enter/close the door/and do the work on my time. My question is this—is changing the circumstance like this avoiding the feeling? Here’s my model:

C: Messy/Cluttered House
T: I can’t get my morning work done until there’s a space for me to sit in the messy/cluttered house
F: Frustrated, threatened, annoyed, unsupported
A: Clean the messy/cluttered house, start my work one hour later feeling frustrated
R: House cleaner, work is one hour behind

Model on Intentional thought:
C: Messy/Cluttered House
T: I should create a space (and mindset) where I can focus on my work regardless of the outside circumstance
F: Empowered, excited, motivated
A: Clean out the guest room through the weekend and turn it into an office
R: Clear space to work in, better house flow, not dependant on partner’s habits

Thank you for your help!