When do I know to change the action or change the thought?

C – My coaching biz
T – I don’t know if this will work
F – Disbelief
A – Post 3xpw on social media, speak on a podcast as a guest weekly about personal development topics (get exposure to 900 subscribers), spend 6 hours of prep work for this show per week, create challenges for the subscribers on their platform.
R – zero clients from this source

I think I answered my own question. If my Feeling & Thought are positive and driving me forward AND the action is not working – I need to change the action first.
But if my Thought and Feeling are disempowering and negative (as in this case) then I can change the Thought and Feeling first before changing the action.

I want to decide to carry on spending time and effort in this community where I speak on a podcast OR to go look for clients elsewhere. So that’s why my question was “When do I know to change the Thought or the Action first?”.

Can you just check my model and tell me if I am right in answering my own question?

Thank you so much