When do you just not enjoy something versus when you have more thought work to do?

I have an upcoming job change. I have made the decision to leave my current place of employment to move to be closer to my family. I am in an employment field where my qualifications can do many varied kinds of things which is great! However, now that I am working towards finding new employment, I find that I am not excited/drawn to any of the local employment opportunities in my field. I have worked in most of these places before because I did my training there/have covered other colleagues’ vacations, so I feel I have trialed certain aspects. I know the positives and the negatives. There were some parts I enjoyed but some parts I did not, which were tolerable in the short term, but now I am looking at more longer term employment.

How do I know if I just don’t enjoy a specific part or type of work versus my brain is just struggling to accept the upcoming change?