When Emotions Are SO Overwhelming

Sometimes my anxiety is SO strong and constant, I do my best to manage it with all of the tools from SCS but I run out of steam eventually when it’s so intense and persistent. When I go into feeling and describing the emotion it helps while I’m doing that, but then the anxiety comes back full force. It’s exhausting and it scares me that even with all the tools I have and implement I cannot seem to keep it in check. I do thought downloads and reframes, and they help, but it is back full force very quickly. I know it’s connected to a dating situation, anxiety about a person I’m seeing, and it’s enough to make me not want to date at all as it’s so overwhelming! I often go a couple of days doing my best to stay with the emotion, allow it, and thought download, then I eventually give into an anxiety medication. It truly feels like emotional torture and going a couple of days feels like a triumph. What do I do when the emotion is SO overpowering? I have a very active analytical mind, which serves me is some ways, and then is the cause of so much pain in other ways.