When I feel the Surge of emotions, where do I start?

I had a rough morning! I have a long term client who has been driving me bananas for 2 years (I should have let her go a long time ago). This particular client keeps doing the same behaviors and expecting magical things to happen. I was honest with her today and that opened a can of worms.

Then I work from home, Wednesdays are my really busy days. The client thing was started and I have 3 kiddos. 2 girls who need their hair done. Dad was on duty and all I had to do was 2 heads of hair. My 10-year-old did not like her ponytail so I redid it and she still didn’t like it then she refused to let me get back to work after I told her I wouldn’t redo it a third time. Guess what I ended up redoing it a 3rd time and I was PISSED like EFFFF word kind of pissed. I flew off the handle said a bunch of crazy things slammed a door and lost it. I came into my office and I am trying to observe my feelings but I don’t even know where to start it is so fast and chaotic and NOTHING all at the same time!

This energy was intense always in my cheeks, my head vibrates, my stomach will drop and then I get a lump in my throat. I have tunnel vision and everything around me feels really big.

I literally do not know what to do when I get here or how to prevent getting here. Like what exercise should I have used when I was triggered by the client, then what should I have used when my daughter was acting CRAZY about the ponytail and then should I have done it a 3rd time. All the things and no answer or idea how to go about any of this.

Right now I want to crawl into a ball and do nothing but I have soooooo much work to do I can’t do that.

I’m so stuck and my face is still hot LOL

Thank you for your insight and help!