When I Have Plenty of Time, It Backfires

I have been working with the thought that I have plenty of time and have been so successful, and I have transitioned it into a reason to procrastinate. Turns out I don’t have THAT much time. Here is the model, but I am having trouble with a result that ties back to the thought:
C – I don’t follow the start times scheduled on the calendar for some items.
T – I have plenty of time.
F – Free
A – Play games on computer, visit with coworkers/friends, internet surf, do other work that is quicker and seems more interesting, chat with my subordinate in the name of coaching him, take longer than planned to do the activity that I didn’t start on time, ignore other things on the calendar (like meditation and walks), look back at the day with some regret.
R – I don’t have plenty of time?