When I try to change my thoughts, it feels fake. Especially around money and business.

I am in this program and 2k for 2k. I’ve been struggling to create my desired results in my coaching business (at this point just make any money to believe it’s possible). I have signed clients before but it’s been almost 8 months since my last coaching client. Here are my thoughts (that genuinely feel like absolute facts).

To reveal these thoughts, I intentionally set an impossible goal of $10k in one month. Here is what came up in a download:

– I’ll never break through on money (hopeless)
– That’s just not possible (laughable .. like laughing at myself for even considering it)
– It’s just not working (frustrated)
– I have shitty luck with one on one coaches (resentful)
– Maybe coaching just doesn’t work (confused)
– I should go get a job (defeated)
– My mind is just broken (shame)
– Maybe results are for them but not for me (pathetic)
– Maybe I wasn’t born to be a coach, and I’m in the wrong place. (confused)
– You’re joking right? (laughable/eye-rolling kind of energy)

I honestly don’t know what to do. I have tried unintentional models, intentional models .. I’ve tried scaling up to a little bit more of a believable belief. I’ve taken action on my business “as if I believed” it was possible. I’ve tried sitting and feeling my feelings but nothing ever comes up. I feel so in my head about this whole process. I’m thinking of giving up. Idk .. ughhhhh okay feelings are starting to come up. I’m gonna bring this to my one on one coach session in 10 minutes.

I almost want someone to tell me (it actually is possible .. you’re on the right track), I just feel like I’m on a hamster wheel. Is this stuff really possible? Does it really work? Can I REALLY live the life of my dreams and help others do the same? Especially with MONEY .. I have broken through on so many other things but money I’ve maybe had a breakthrough here and there nothing super worth “life of my dreams” material.