When is Anger Justified

Hi Brooke, It has been discovered that the Radiation specialist did not do what was needed for Ray’s treatment five weeks ago. We don’t know the reasons or other circumstances yet. This is now the source of his current pain. It also means a 500K trip for it to be completed properly. I feel rage.
C. Radiation incomplete
T. This is unacceptable, heartbreaking and outrageous.
F. Enraged
A. Want someone to be accountable but don’t know how to solve.
R. Smoulder, sit on anger, don’t know how to process.

C. Radiation incomplete
T. This is unacceptable but I will not buy into the rage I feel because this will not serve me or Ray. I will do what needs to be done for his comfort. (Are there too many thoughts here?)
F. Settled down
A. Get on with it
R. It gets done.
I have always processed my anger in a passive aggressive way. Can you give me thoughts to better deal with processing anger in a healthier way.
Marianne x