When it’s time to go

You talked once about changing your circumstance when there’s too much thought work to be done.

Sometimes I think this is my situation at work.

The majority of people I work with say a lot of things about our company like “ this place is a joke”, “we aren’t paid enough for this crap” , “this job sucks” and a lot of similar things about life in general and work. As well as talk about other people behind their back.

I used to think this way. I don’t anymore. I appreciate my job and what it provides. I’m very grateful for it.

I know it’s not where I want to be anymore.

But I didn’t want to just go with all those heavy thoughts I had before.

I’ve done SO MUCH work here. I have so much compassion for the people and totally understand where their frustrations come from (their thoughts and them not realizing it). People I judged harshly — I can feel love for.

Now I think my work here is done.

Some days I do have to separate myself from everyone because they huddle together and talk about the same exact thing daily.

I can go days perfectly fine and then other days I have to double down on my thought work.

I believe this is the right choice. Scary because it’s a leap for sure but I believe it’s the right choice for me.