When others influence your model :-)

I have an issue with my boyfriend seeing his ex-wife.
Some of my friends asked how is it going with him and, as I was worried, I shared with them my anxiety about his relation about the ex wife a few weeks ago.
I have been working hard on trying to change the way I think about him having a relationship with his ex wife and trying to understand that it does not mean anything about us.

Tonight I met my friends again and they asked me again. I said I was deciding to try and accept the situation.
They were all saying that I should not accept that and that he is for sure still in love with the ex wife and that I am just losing my time with him and that he is probably cheating on me (my worst fear)
They all think that no one should see their ex anymore because it is slippery.

How do I not let people in my model?
I very often ask for help because I’m afraid to make the wrong decision. If my friends approved of my thinking, I would feel more confident.
For this time, it’s too late. How can I accept that they judge me and my relationship?

My model for now is:
C: My friends think it is not okay that my bf sees his ex
T: They think that I should not continue this relationship
F: Undecided
A: Don’t know if I should end my relationship
R: ???

Or is it :
C: My boyfriend is friend with his ex
T: I try to think it means nothing but my friends think it means everything
F: Lost
A: No action, ruminating and questioning what is the right thing to do
R: ????

Thank you 🙂